April 13-14: Advanced Injectable Facelift Certification Masterclass

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🌟 Master Innovative Methods: Lift facial flaps and reposition without a scalpel, achieving remarkable results lasting 3-5 years!

👨‍⚕️ Experience Live Procedures: Observe as Dr. Mulholland demonstrates his specialized techniques and shares his unique insights for achieving exceptional outcomes

💼 Elevate Your Practice: Learn not just the procedure but also the business aspects of selling non-excisional facelifts for a comprehensive approach to success

Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness and learn from the master in the field. Get your tickets now for an unforgettable learning experience that will elevate both your skills and your practice.

All attendees will receive:

· Worldwide Bestseller: Injectable Facial Shaping' Book

· Exclusive Entry to Injectable Facial Shaping Webinar Series

· Enrollment in the Advanced PDO MAX Injectable Facelift Masterclass

· One-Year Membership to BoomerangFX Learn Academy & Injectable Community

· Kit Including 10 PDO MAX Sutures and a Morpheus M24 Burst Tip

· Professional Injectable V-Dissector Tool

· Official Completion Certificate after Exam Success

· Practical Training Session with PDO MAX Duo Technique

Learn from the Master how to perform an APEX facial procedure that will change your practice and for which you can charge $5000.00 and UP!

Tickets are priced at $5,000 USD – only the price of your first procedure! Sign up before February 23rd to secure your discounted ticket at the special rate of $4,199USD.

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