BoomerangFX and Stripe to offer secure Payment Integration for Aesthetic Medical Practices worldwide

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Exciting news! BoomerangFX and Stripe will now be offering secure payment processing to Aesthetic Medical Practices worldwide.  The announcement brings together two industry leaders to offer faster payment processing, increased security and more flexible payment options for BoomerangFX clients across high-growth healthcare segments such as dermatology, cosmetic surgery, medical spa, cosmetic dentistry and women’s health.

The announcement comes on the heels of BoomerangFX’s recent release of its next-generation 3.0 version software solution – a single unified platform for private clinics integrating Electronic Medical Records, E-Scripting, Telehealth, a Digital Advertising & Lead Management portal, Real-time Clinic Management Dashboards and the world’s first virtual Digital Assistant built on Machine Learning.

Link to Press Release:

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