BoomerangFX CEO Jerome Dwight featured on CPA Canada’s ‘Foresight’ Podcast

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We are thrilled to announce that Jerome Dwight, Co-Founder & CEO of BoomerangFX, was featured on the latest episode of CPA Canada’s “Foresight” podcast series.

In this timely episode, Dwight shares his views on why recessions are perfect conditions for growth and expansion. Dwight recounts his relationship with then-Canadian Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty while serving as the CEO of Bank of New York Mellon Canada and a memorable trip to Wall Street in the fall of 2008 at a time when the US economy was on the verge of collapse. He shares how those experiences in protecting and growing the Canadian economy shaped his approach to accelerating growth in future ventures during times of uncertainty – from launching market-defining fintechs, e-commerce, and crypto firms to most recently scaling up BoomerangFX globally amidst COVID-19 lockdowns. Jerome shares lessons for all entrepreneurs facing financial headwinds.

At a time when there is much talk of economic contraction, fear, and uncertainty, we trust these lessons will serve as reminders that recessionary times often present the ideal conditions for fearless companies to capitalize on unprecedented growth opportunities.

Catch the full episode here:

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