BoomerangFX Named a Top 10 Technology Solution Provider for Aesthetic Medicine by Global Publication MedHealth Outlook

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We are excited to share that BoomerangFX has been named a Top 10 Technology Solution Provider by Medhealth Outlook, with our Co-Founder and CEO Jerome Dwight featured on the cover of their latest issue!

In this feature article, the publication highlights how BoomerangFX is helping to fuel the rise of aesthetic medical practices globally by introducing state-of-the-art tools to the private pay healthcare sector, including dermatologists, medical spa clinics, plastic surgery and women’s health practices.

BoomerangFX and its unique suite of practice management applications and AI-powered lead generation tools on Google, Facebook and TikTok are revolutionizing how clinics succeed in a dynamic and highly competitive marketplace.

The team at BoomerangFX has worked diligently to provide revolutionary tools to the industry, and we are thrilled to be the foundational global platform driving the aesthetic medical market forward.

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