BoomerangFX surpasses 10,000 participants on e-Learning division, expands reach to Asia Pacific and Europe

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TORONTO and MIAMI, Nov. 22, 2022 /CNW/ – BoomerangFX, a cloud-based, global integrated practice management software, digital marketing, and educational solution provider to the private-pay aesthetic medicine industry, is expanding its reach beyond North America.  Having experienced demand for its e-learning solutions across Asia-Pacific and Europe, the company’s educational platform, BoomerangFX LEARN, recently surpassed 10,000 participants worldwide.

Jerome Dwight, CEO and Co-Founder of BoomerangFX, commented, “We are seeing explosive consumer demand globally for highly effective, non-invasive treatments across all ages and demographics.  This trend has driven an unprecedented number of new entrants launching aesthetic medicine practices, including traditional physicians, leaving managed care in droves to enter the lucrative, cash-based “med spa” industry.   New non-invasive technologies, like the highly popular radio frequency fractional needle-based Morpheus8, introduced by global medical device leader, InMode Ltd. (Nasdaq: INMD) (“InMode”), have been a worldwide phenomenon and created a whole new category for safe, effective, office-based, and non-invasive treatments for facial and body reshaping.”

The med spa industry continues to grow at double-digit rates and is proving to be recession resilient.  With the entrance of 80 million millennials to the already engaged 80 million baby boomers, half of all North American consumers are potential clients for the cosmetic enhancement industry.   Recent trends highlight that virtually every age group over 20 years, including both men and women of various socio-economic stature, is seeking out non-excisional and minimally invasive treatments that provide faster and highly effective outcomes without the downtime and risks of cosmetic surgery.

Additionally, Dwight shared, “The industry is still in its infancy, and physician owners are seeking a global standard in training, certification, and ongoing support for their staff in basic and advanced techniques.  They want to utilize the most popular technologies, like the Morpheus8, along with combination therapies that include a range of complimentary treatments such as the injectable Botox and soft tissue fillers, as well as non- and minimally invasive radio frequency devices and lasers.  Alongside our core markets in North America and Mexico, we are seeing massive global demand in the United Kingdom, European Union, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Australia for cutting-edge learning delivered digitally. Doctors who are leaving managed care for the enhancement med spa space also need assistance in managing and marketing a private pay practice in the digital era, and our BoomerangFX LEARN platform can provide those much-needed educational tools and support.”

BoomerangFX currently offers hundreds of educational videos and webinars, certification programs, and content that cover a spectrum of training techniques and foundational business principles on how to launch, advertise, build, and manage a successful med spa practice. The educational resources, training videos, and companion materials are authored by BoomerangFX co-founder, Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cosmetic surgery, non-invasive aesthetic medical devices, and practice management. Mulholland was one the early pioneers in non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment technologies and helped to develop the underlying radio frequency technology and devices for InMode, which is one of the fastest-growing medical device companies globally. “I had the vision to launch the world’s first and only specialized e-learning solution for the aesthetic medical market to enable future practices to learn the newest techniques and proven strategies to build and succeed in this exciting new industry,” added Dr. Mulholland.

Along with its e-learning cloud-based platform and solutions, BoomerangFX serves the aesthetic medical market with the industry’s most advanced software as a solution (SaaS) practice management system, BoomerangFX RUN.  It combines intuitive dashboards, integrated electronic medical records, scripting, patient workflow management, accounting, and scheduling. The BoomerangFX SaaS platform includes the industry’s only fully integrated digital advertising and lead management solution, called GROW, which utilizes artificial intelligence and data science to optimize advertising on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms to geo-target ideal customers for its med spa clients.

“Further, we complemented our software solution with virtual practice management consulting and coaching services, called OPTIMIZE. This additional unique feature, along with our integrated digital marketing and e-learning platform, is exactly what this new and dynamic industry needs to capitalize on the massive consumer demand. The team at BoomerangFX has worked diligently to provide these revolutionary platforms and we could not be more thrilled to be the global foundational platform driving the aesthetic medical market forward,” Dwight continued.

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